According to Bill Grace (1999), Ethical Leadership is knowing your core values and having the courage to live them in all parts of your life in service of the common good.(Bill,1999)

Ethical Leadership according to Brown et al (2005) is conceptualized into three building blocks among which include the following;

  1. Being an ethical
  2. Treating people fairly
  3. Actively managing morality.(Brown,2005)

According to Kenneth Chenault (2015), the CEO and Chairman of American Express travel related service company he joined in 1981, stated that “Focus on the things that you can control and the only thing you can control is your performance”(MBA,2015)

According to Graham (2011), on the morning of September ,  while the American Airlines Flight 11, along with 10 crew members and 81 passengers departed from Boston’s Logan Airport at 7:59 am on route to Los Angeles. The plane was hijacked within 15 minutes after departure. His first concern after the tragedy was the safety of his employee and customer service. The company catered transport for the stranded cardholders and donated one million dollars to the employee’s families who died during the tragedy.(Graham,2011)

According to Barton (2011), this taught me that I must have a combination of humanity and confidence for me to be a good Ethical Leader (Barton,2011).

  • Ethical Leadership Theories,

The main principles of Ethics are Teleology and Deontology.

According to Emelda, Deontological is derived from the Greek word “Deon” meaning duty which guides us to be fair and unselfish while Teleological suggests that as long as you achieve the intended results, whatever you did to a person is acceptable.(Emelda,2011)

Additionally, many moral theorists would argue that morality requires an analysis of my motives that brought about that behaviour of stealing. However from a teleological perspective, motives really have nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of the act. What matters are the pleasures associated with short-term and long-term.

During my course of study both in Uganda and UK, I have learnt new leadership skills of approaching situations in team work, delegating and offer chances to team members. I therefore believe in the skills attained to express myself effectively.


  • The 4-V model of the Ethical Leadership




4V image


According to centre of Ethical Leadership (2014), the 4-V model includes 4 sides of Ethical Leadership among which include; values, vision, voice and virtue. That value act as the primary factor within the model hence leader should begin with understanding the individual core of values.

According to vision which is the ability that the leader possesses to incorporate their action within frame of what ought to be.  For voice, it should be claimed as to articulate the vision of others so that they can be motivated to action.(centre of ethical leadership,2014)

Additionally, virtue is the common good fostered by the leaders by practising virtuous behaviour.

Thus it shows an example of power and if he/she is unethical, it gives a wrong signal to the followers. The employees as well are inspired by their Leaders actions in the organization. His/her behaviours can influence the entire organization’s culture in various manners.





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10 thoughts on “ETHICAL LEADERSHIP”

    1. Thank you Charles
      In that case, aleader should introduce short term training and coaching so that employees can gain new skills and become more productive in a matter of weeks because even if an employee is interviewed,they still need time to become productive and learn the new culture.

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  1. Am really inspired by your ethical leadership description/theory and am so contented with it but how would you encourage team work among your members as a leader?


  2. Great research you have done om ethical leadership but what happens if the leader himself is unethical,compromising the company’s standards relying on his selfishness/benefits


    1. Thank you sylvia.
      Wow!such will be declining the company’s performance and the employees should continue doing what is right buh not taking the wrong path by following such unethical leaders. Thank you once again for following my write ups.


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